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Olga OM
Olga OM
October 12, 2022.
Highly professional, respected in courts and amongst peers, attentive to important details, great communication; superior litigation skills. Laura C Dove represented me in complicated divorce and custody case for 9 years in total, won time and again. You will be in good hands.
Lizzie Gupta
Lizzie Gupta
September 21, 2022.
I had a horrendous divorce experience from another jurisdiction, and JB and MDB have literally helped me find sanity and justice. Jennifer Bradley and her associates are incredible advocates and will represent YOU - no matter the case circumstances or their professional opinion. When you engage this firm, you can start sleeping again knowing your interests are well in hand.
Megan Ozuna
Megan Ozuna
September 10, 2022.
Jennifer Bradley is one of the most professional and competent attorneys with whom I’ve ever worked. She’s worked with our family since 2016 and at this point we consider her an unofficial member of the family, whether she knows it or not. I work in child welfare and have working relationships with many of the attorneys in the area. They all say the same thing: Jennifer is amazing, professional, and collaborative. Her sterling reputation in the local legal community spans counties. We trust Jennifer for many reasons, but a big one is that she goes out of her way to try to SAVE you money — that’s not something you can say about many other attorneys in this area. If she doesn’t think she can successfully argue something in court, she will tell you so, which helps us make informed decisions and, ultimately, gives us confidence in our position. On the flip side, she has also encouraged us to act decisively when we were unsure, but in the end her legal counsel proved sage. Do yourself a favor and hire this woman now.
Cameron Phipps
Cameron Phipps
April 8, 2022.
Can't say enough good things about this law firm, in particular Jennifer Bradley. She took on my very difficult divorce case and due to her experience and diligence I was able to get through the worst time in my life as well as get a much better outcome. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and pragmatic. Highly recommend!
James Struckmeyer (civilwarhero)
James Struckmeyer (civilwarhero)
October 27, 2020.
When you need the Very Best to get you through the very worst, MDM&B is a great place to get moving forward again. If these Highest Level Team of Legal Professionals by some quirk of fate don't have all the right answers for you, they'll know exactly where to go or send you to find them. Highest recommendation possible for legal acumen and attention-to-detail. Don't walk, run to MDM&B.
Joseph Shmokler
Joseph Shmokler
September 16, 2020.
Ms. Meacham represented me during my divorce. She was most professional. Being a Male and having a women represent me worked out perfectly with no worries. She was able to almost triple the offer my wife proposed. If I need a divorce attorney again she's the one. Case closed
March 12, 2020.
You can't find a better law firm in the area. Great service, and they listen.
Tim Dertzbaugh
Tim Dertzbaugh
February 21, 2020.
After a ton of research, I interviewed 3 other attorneys in the Northern Virginia area before meeting Jennifer Bradley. One question I asked each one was, “If the conflict check had precluded you from representing me, who would you recommend I interview next to represent me?” Every single one of those 3 attorneys pointed me toward MDMB as a firm and Jennifer Bradley specifically as an attorney. It was immediately evident from our initial consultation that Jennifer was competent and experienced. I gradually learned that she was a fantastic listener while also being a patient explainer, a diligent planner but also a savvy strategist. She was on top of everything from day one. The thing that really sets Jennifer apart though, and I think this is probably why she is so respected by her peers, is that she is client first – and not in the slogan-y/buzzword-y sense that many firms probably use in their advertisements. There are firms out there that see divorce as an industry and see their firm’s mission within that industry as maximizing profit, even at the expense of their client. They do this by protracting negotiations unnecessarily, under-supervising or under-training junior associates and fostering unrealistic expectations in their clients’ demands. As a client, this creates a dynamic where you end up spending more on legal fees than the value of that last trivial item that was being argued over during that drawn out back and forth. By contrast, Jennifer uses her experience to tell you at the very beginning, based on the facts of your situation how things are likely to pan out if you go to court – which she knows based on her wealth of experience in family law at an elite level in one of the country’s most demanding legal markets. She then proceeds to drive toward that outcome as quickly as possible, outside of court, which saves you money and stress (even if it means she has to spoon-feed the statutes and precedent to the other side because she knows the law better than they do). To me, this is what it really means to put your client first. Divorce is stressful enough, do yourself a favor and hire a competent, pragmatic and talented attorney, like Jennifer Bradley.
Legal Gal
Legal Gal
December 12, 2019.
I highly recommend this firm. The attorneys in this firm are all Awesome. They are knowledgeable of the laws and you leave with a sense of relief in knowing they are on your side.





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