Divorce Arbitration

Divorce before a judge is a public matter, exposing your private life at a difficult time. Instead of subjecting your life to scrutiny, you and your spouse can choose to arbitrate your case. A divorce arbitration is a private, binding procedure where you get to choose the arbitrator instead of being assigned a judge at random, who may have little experience in family law matters. The arbitrator’s decision is final, and, unlike a Court decision, it cannot be appealed to drag the case out over months or years. 

One option is a hybrid process where the parties begin working with a retired judge as a mediator, but if the parties cannot agree to a resolution in mediation, the retired judge then takes on the role of arbitrator and makes a final, binding decision for the parties. This proceeding is less formal than a court trial, which cuts down on time and allows an opportunity for more of an open discussion that gets to the heart of the issues efficiently. 

For the client who values their privacy, wants to protect sensitive information, and needs assurance of finality, divorce arbitration is an excellent alternative to a court trial because the arbitrator will issue a timely decision and it cannot be appealed.  Our attorneys at Mullett Dove & Bradley Family Law, PLLC have represented clients in many arbitrations, and we have the experience to advise our clients on selecting the arbitrator and how best to present their case. If you are considering arbitrating your divorce, contact us today for a consultation.


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