Collaborative Prenuptial Agreements

More and more couples want to make sure that their marriage doesn’t alter important existing rights, and they understand that the time to discuss important issues about assets and earnings should happen before marriage. Rather than work as adversaries in this process, a Collaborative prenuptial agreement allows a couple to work together to understand their rights and obligations and come to specific agreements about how their marriage will affect them as a couple and as individuals.

In the Collaborative prenuptial process, both parties hear the information from their attorneys at the same time so that there are no surprises or miscommunications about what one person was told versus the other. This creates an amicable, loving, friendly and positive environment in which to learn about and decide on important issues. Through transparency, the pros and cons of various approaches to asset division and earnings classification, as well as other important legal impacts from marriage can be discussed and resolved openly with both parties’ counsel. 

At Mullett Dove & Bradley Family Law, PLLC, we believe strongly that every person should have a premarital consultation with counsel to understand the many changes that will occur by saying “I do.” We also believe that the Collaborative process is an efficient way of negotiating the terms of a prenuptial agreement. If you are considering marriage, contact us today for a consultation.


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