Child Support

After a divorce, care of your children should be the greatest priority, but this is not always the case with some former spouses. Even when a party has agreed to specific child support, commitment to this agreement can fade, leaving an unfair, difficult burden on the other parent. In Virginia, a divorce order with child support provisions is enforceable in Court, and there are additional solutions short of legal enforcement proceedings such as mediation and the Collaborative Process. The goal should be to quickly and effectively get the child support payments back on track.  Using tools like liens, paycheck garnishment and even civil prosecution can be confusing and overwhelming in addition to the effort of raising your children. Working with experienced counsel who can advise on and pursue the range of solutions can help.  

The attorneys at Mullett Dove & Bradley Family Law, PLLC are experienced in the area of child support enforcement efforts in Northern Virginia, and they can help you obtain back payments due and work on ways to make sure future payments arrive on time. Contact us today for a consultation about your child support needs. 


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