How Does Your Divorce Affect Your Children?

How Does Your Divorce Affect Your Children?

A recent article published by parenting website highlights seven common misconceptions divorcing parents have when it comes to the impact on their children:

  1. Children under age five don’t suffer as much trauma as school-age children.
  2. Children aren’t affected by different sets of rules at each parent’s home.
  3. Parents should split holidays in half in order.
  4. Parents should protect their kids from the divorce by not talking about it.
  5. Kids’ physical health won’t be impacted by the divorce.
  6. Babies shouldn’t stay overnight with their fathers.
  7. Children should know the truth about one parent’s fault in causing the divorce.

Read the full article here:  7 Myths About Divorce with Kids that Parents Should Disregard

How Does Your Divorce Affect Your Children?
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