5 Advantages of Using a Third Party to Resolve Your Divorce

5 Advantages of Using a Third Party to Resolve Your Divorce

Divorce can be a highly stressful and painful experience that leaves couples feeling lost, confused, and anxious. It’s inevitable to feel overwhelmed during such a sensitive process regarding personal matters, finances, and parenting decisions. That’s why an increasing number of couples are turning to third-party professionals who specialize in divorce resolution in order to better confront the challenges posed by their divorce proceedings. With qualified assistance from experienced divorce mediators or collaborative attorneys, divorcing individuals have more opportunities for better understanding the nuances of dissolution and all its legal implications while wishing for a positive outcome that is beneficial for everyone involved. Read on to learn about the five advantages that come with working with third parties when resolving your divorce!

  1. Cost Savings: Working with a third-party divorce professional helps to reduce the overall cost of the proceedings compared to court litigation since it can be done outside of the courtroom and doesn’t require additional filing fees or costs. This is especially beneficial for couples who are struggling financially due to their divorce, as they can focus on resolving their issues without worrying about expensive court costs. 
  2. Flexibility and Control Over Decisions: With third-party professionals available to help facilitate your discussions, you have greater control over how your dissolution proceeds in terms of negotiations and decisions related to finances, parenting plans, and other matters that come up during a divorce case. Instead of relying on a judge’s ruling which may not honor all parties’ wishes, you can work with a mediator or collaborative attorney to retain more flexibility and autonomy when making choices about your future. 
  3. Improved Communication: Divorce mediation or collaborative law allows both of you to communicate with one another in a constructive way and create solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. By taking the time to carefully listen to each other’s points of view and express concerns without worrying about being judged or criticized, it encourages a more open dialogue between the two parties which can help reduce misunderstandings and foster mutual understanding during this difficult process. 
  4. Reduced Conflict: The presence of an unbiased third-party professional who specializes in divorce resolution helps provide structure to negotiations while also helping to maintain a calm atmosphere where couples can discuss their issues without resorting to heated arguments or toxic behavior. This can greatly reduce the amount of hostility present during the proceedings, allowing for a more civil and productive discussion that can benefit both parties in the long run. 
  5. Greater Support: Divorce is an emotionally charged process that often leaves couples feeling overwhelmed, especially if they are unprepared to handle such a huge life event on their own. That’s why having access to a qualified third-party professional who understands all aspects of divorce law can be beneficial, as it provides reassurance and support when you need it most while giving you peace of mind as you work through your case. 

Divorce can be an overwhelming challenge and it can be hard to know what the right choice is in terms of how to resolve your case. If you’re considering a divorce, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of our firm at Mullett Dove & Bradley Family Law, PLLC to guide you through the process and help resolve your issues more efficiently. With the right professionals on board, it can be easier to navigate this difficult and complex situation with greater understanding and support. Contact us today for a consultation appointment to get started!

5 Advantages of Using a Third Party to Resolve Your Divorce

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