What is Collaborative Divorce?

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an exciting field of family law that allows families to place the needs of the family at the forefront of the process. There are no acrimonious and expensive court battles; instead, a team of professionals works together to determine the best outcome for all parties involved.

Collaborative Divorce

“The Collaborative Process is based on the principles of dignity, respect, openness and fairness. It is designed to minimize the hurt, anger and alienation that occur too frequently with divorce. Every part of the Collaborative Process — from open communications, to solution-based negotiation, to an out-of-court settlement — is intended to foster a mutually agreeable and durable resolution. When respect is given and received, trust is more likely to be fostered, making discussions more productive and an agreement more easily reached.” Philosophy of the Collaborative Process. Collaborative Professionals of Northern VA

The Collaborative Divorce process is very unique and specialized. The process involves a series of joint meetings with the parties and their respective collaborative attorneys. Additional professionals may join the team depending on the parties’ particular needs, including a neutral financial professional, one or two mental health professionals, or a child specialist. These additional professionals work in conjunction with the attorneys to help determine the best course of action and advise the parties based on their field of expertise. The result is a customized and private plan that takes into account the interests and needs of the entire family.

Due to the highly specialized nature of Collaborative Divorce, it is critical that individuals seeking a Collaborative process consult with an attorney that is trained and experienced in Collaborative Divorce. Collaborative Professionals are trained to work as a team to use a problem-solving approach to find the best solutions for your family. Additionally, Collaborative Divorce lawyers regularly participate in ongoing training designed to deepen their understanding and effectiveness as a Collaborative professional. Prior trainings offered by the Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia and the DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals have included dialectical behavior therapy, strategies for collaborating with people with whom you do not agree, and strategies for streamlining the collaborative process.

Mullett Dove & Bradley Family Law, PLLC is proud to offer Collaborative Divorce services to those individuals who are ready to commit to a respectful and amicable divorce. Attorney Jennifer A. Bradley is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia (CPNV). She has previously served as President of the Board of CPNV and currently serves on the Board of the DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals and The Collaborative Project of Washington DC, which provides reduced-fee or free help to families to resolve family disputes without going to court using the Collaborative Process. Read more about Jennifer A. Bradley.

If you want to learn more about Collaborative Divorce, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals has prepared an excellent video highlighting the unique and valuable characteristics of the Collaborative Divorce Process.

More information on Collaborative Divorce and Alternative Dispute Resolution can be found on our blog here. If you are contemplating a divorce and are ready to hear more about your options, including Collaborative Divorce, contact our team today!

What is Collaborative Divorce?

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